Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Vigil Musings

Went to St. Mary's, was hoping to go to St. Anthony's in Bryan, but I got caught up watching the Easter Vigil from the Vatican on TV followed by a CNN special on John Paul the Great.

I forgot how long they are, but I've learned how beautiful they truly are.

My hands are slightly sore from melting wax.

Lot's of baptism's and a few confirmation's, but the latter were done by Father David and Father Keith as they stood for the Bishop. It is the Easter Vigil and the Bishop can't be at every parish tonight!

The Korean choir at St. Mary's is amazing, if I understood Korean, I'd probably start going to the Korean Mass.

Growing up, I never heard the Litany of the Saints, it was amazing and beautiful.

Happy Easter! And a Happy Birthday today as well to someone very special:

Papa Benedicto XVI
Born on April 16, 1927

His first Easter as Pope falls on his birthday,

pretty cool if you ask me.

(not to mention that he was born on the Easter Vigil and the first person baptized at the Vigil on the day of his birth)


Vastine said...

Happy Easter Ed! I didn't wake up in time (alarm problems) so I'll be slumming it at the 6 o clock service at Grace.

Ed said...


bky said...

So, Ed, I'm getting that you're Catholic. And you liked Spaceballs? What's with that?

Ed said...

What can I say, Spaceballs is a classic comedy. There are times in life when we all go to plaid.