Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Book Review

So this evening I finished reading another book, this happens when I get rolling with books, I usually start tearing through them, hence this one following so quickly. Ok, it's only 116 pages and a fairly quick read too, which helps...a lot.
So what's it about? This is the last book written by Cardinal Ratzinger before he became Bishop of Rome. It's focus on the identity crisis in Europe and how the secular culture is driving Christianity out of the culture. Though focusing on Europe, it really can apply to all of Western Civilization (Europe, Australia, North America, etc.), which is why you shouldn't be surprised when looking at the book cover, that is St. Patrick's in New York City.
A collection of short essays, the topics covered are:
• Reflections on the Cultures in Conflict Today
• The Significance and Limits of Today’s Rationalistic Culture
• The Permanent Significance of the Christian Faith
• Why We Must Not Give Up the Fight
• The Law of the Jungle, the Rule of Law
• We Must Use Our Eyes!• Faith and Everyday Life
• Can Agnosticism Be a Solution?
• The Natural Knowledge of God
• "Supernatural" Faith and Its Origins

4 Biretta's out of 5... I would have liked a little more exposition, but it wasn't really warranted in the overall context and purpose of the maybe I'm being nitpicky.

Another thought:

It may be wrong to hope Barroid Bonds sustains a career ending injury before tying or passing Babe Ruth for # 2 on the MLB Career Homerun list but I won't shed a tear if it were to happen. Roid boy stands at 713, one behind the Babe at 714. Hank Aaron sits atop the list at 755. Barroid is a disease, a plague on baseball. It would look like he may get nailed for perjury. The man cheated. The Babe did it on hot dogs and beer, not the cream and the clear. I hope baseball does the right thing and someday will wipe the stats of the incredible growing head from the books entirely. It's a shame to see a man who was a sure bet Hall of Famer tarnish his career and become a walking joke out of envy and jealousy because he wanted the attention that Mark McGwire got in 1998. Sadly, even if he passes Ruth, he'll never be the player Ruth was..the numbers say it all. Even in different era's, Ruth was the better hitter. Don't believe me, check it out. Baseball Reference is a good site to use.

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