Saturday, May 06, 2006

WHOOO HOOOO!'s coming to DVD on July 25th!

So we'll let fate decide.

No news on if the episode "Skeleton Crew" will be included. Season 1 ran on NBC and was canned before it could air (though it did air on USA in syndication). It marked the first appearance of Catherine Bell, playing Harm's murdered girlfriend. Despite not orginally airing, scenes were used in the season 2 premiere when introducing Major Sarah McKenzie, the character she would play till the shows end. Interesting note, Bell's appearance in the Season 1 episode lasted just about 1 minute. I love this show!


Alan said...

I'll watch it with you! I think I've only seen about half of the first season, and not in order.

What a great show...if a bit cheesy at times, especially in later seasons. :-D

Unrelated: Sometimes I think Blogger makes the "word verification" string deliberately difficult to type. "qiwiwomv" is enough to trip up even my nimble fingers.

Ed said...

As soon as you finish with Buffy you can watch JAG (well the Buffy you've had for a while anyway)

Vastine said...

word verification? what word verification? specifically, what word? these aren't words. words have definitions, they're not a random collection of letters!!!