Thursday, June 29, 2006


Sunday, June 25, 2006

I felt like posting something here this evening before getting to bed early due to my late night exploits in San Antonio last night that resulted in me getting back home to Aggieland at the wonderful hour of 3 AM this morning, firing off an e-mail to my friend who was heading back to Austin to let her know I got home safe and sound, she was a bit worried about the long drive at that late hour on the highways and back roads I take to get home. A lot of money was raised last night at the Rolling Oaks Sports Bar & Grille for the San Antonio Children's Shelter which helps abandoned and abused children. I wasn't feeling well, but I went anyway to help the kids. I'm glad I did, it was an experience. Bonnie Bishop and her new band debuted for the first time after some orginal members and not so orginal members have parted with the band over the last few months. I got there early, so early I was there for rehearsal and got a free show and got to hear some new stuff...some of which didn't make the set list. The Coach was also there drinking his Miller Lites. I had two tipsy and quite older women end up joining me at my table....thank God I sat farther back from the stage or Bonnie would have had a field day, it was bad. I'll be seeing them soon...July Austin to quasi celebrate the beginning of the week leading up to the 22nd...a great day in world history. Hopefully my new beer drinking bud will be not the Coach, but another member of the entourage who I met and clicked with immediately, seriously one cool mofo.

So what else...oh for those in Aggieland...turn your radio dial to KACD, 96.9 FM, on the air, finally. And for now until the FCC straightens some stuff out...all Gregorian all the time!

I've got a hockey tournament this coming weekend. 4 games in 3 days. I need to stock up on gatorade and other provisions. Should be fun though. The action kicks off at 6:50 PM Friday at the Wolf. See ya there...go Gold's!

Ray Wylie's new album comes out Tuesday, looking forward to "Snake Farm"...just sounds nasty, Snake farm, pretty much is.

Well of to bed, I'm in a great mood today despite the late hours, the early wake up and what not. Hockey game tomorrow night...8PM at the Wolf.

p.s. I'm tired and not proof reading this...tough noogies Bunky. Snootchy-bootchies!

Monday, June 19, 2006

In my mind I've gone to Carolina

More Hockey News Than You Can Break A Stick At

Congratulations to the Carolina Hurricanes, winners of the 2006 Stanley Cup Playoffs. 34 lbs of silver are theirs and they each get to spend a day with the cup and do whatever they want with it, they can drink beer from it, they can bathe their kids in it, they can take it fishing, etc. Fun times. Congratulations to Glen Wesley (Assistant Captain and former Bruin) on his first Cup in his 18 year career and to Head Coach Peter Laviolette, former Providence Bruin and former Calder Cup winning head coach of the Providence Bruins! The Canes won the series 4 games 3 with a 3-1 win tonight over their opponent the Edmonton Oilers, the 8th seed from the Western Conference.
In other news I had hockey practice this evening, a nice hour of constant motion working on flow drills...into the zone, out of the zone, into the zone, shoot, always working our triangle/figure 8's. I enjoyed it, seriously, it was great. After practice the hockey director grabbed me a few other guys and invited us to join the tournament teams they are putting together for the fourth of July weekend. Now remember, I've only been in pads for 6 months and only play/practice once or sometimes twice a week. I'm guessing a lot of folks left town, but heck...I got asked to play. Naturally, I am going to play. So thank God for the chance to step up and play in what should a tournament that is mostly over my experience level, though I can hold my own. May he keep us safe and injury free. Given that I could have been in a softball tournament this Friday and turned down the chance (and you know how much I love to play ball), I'm excited to have a tournament to play in. So if you're in College Station the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on the 4th of July weekend, let me know and I'll get you a schedule and times when I get them. I think I will go Austin this Wednesday night and celebrate.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Home Town News

Cherished Memories of a Saintly Man

Written by HOWELL, JOHN
Tue, Jun 06 06
By JOHN HOWELL, The Warwick Beacon

Everyone had a story about Msgr. John F. Cox, but that’s what one would expect for the pastor emeritus of St. Peter’s Church.

On Sunday the church was packed as the congregation, four retired bishops and friends celebrated the 70th anniversary of his ordination.

Msgr. Cox served as pastor of the church from 1969 to 1986, staying on after retirement as a resident until 1997. Now 95 years old, he is living in the home of his late sister in Providence with assistance.

Yet, despite all his years he maintains a keen memory, which exhibited itself on more than one occasion as people gathered around him at a reception following the Mass that included a congratulatory blessing from Pope Benedict XVI delivered by retired Bishop of Providence Louis Gelineau. Bishop Gelineau called Msgr. Cox, who he has known for 34 years, “an inspiration” and that the Pope’s blessing is an acknowledgement of the “whole universal church.”

In a wheelchair and wearing his red vestments, Msgr. Cox said, “I am honored to have you with me today.” He waved and the entire church stood to applaud the man they admire.
Later in the church basement a line quickly formed. Some brought gifts, but many just wanted to share what he had meant to their lives.

“It was a miserable night,” Msgr. Cox recalled as he spoke briefly with Karen Shields. It was 27 years ago that Msgr. Cox wed Michael and Karen, said Karen’s mother, Dorothy McGuinn, and indeed the weather was terrible that night. She remembers it well.

For June Langevin, the mother of Congressman Jim Langevin who was also there to congratulate Msgr. Cox, the man holds a special place in her heart. He baptized her and her brother John, as well as all three of her children.

Peggy Dolan is still in awe how Msgr. Cox knew the names of all the parishioners, not to mention the students at St. Peter’s School. But there is so much more to the man than a sharp memory, as June Spencer knows. A former teacher at the church school, Spencer sought for the words to describe Msgr. Cox. She used “good” and “best” and then summed it up saying, “When you left him you felt you had been in the presence of Jesus.”

Sister Mary Angelus Gabrielle, former principal of the school, who has lived at the church convent for 40 years, called Msgr. Cox “the best of the best.” She called him compassionate and considerate adding, “When you are in his presence you think you’re the only person on Earth.”
“He’s touched so many, we’re better for it,” she said.

As people waited to greet him, Bishop Tobin arrived. The movement of the line paused as the two priests talked, Bishop Tobin on bended knee so as to better see Msgr. Cox. The bishop asked for Msgr. Cox’s blessing and he stretched out his hand to touch the bishop’s forehead. The two prayed in the commotion of the reception.

“They love him,” Dolan said, “because he’s a person … you can hear the love for him.”

Then she remembered how she and Mary Whalen started up a conversation with a priest while waiting for a flight out of LaGuardia Airport in New York.

“You must know Coxy,” Dolan remembers the priest saying.
Of course they knew Msgr. Cox.
“They are living among a saint,” the priest told them.

I for one agree with that sentiment. When I think of a great example of a parish priest, Msgr. Cox is the first one that comes to mind. Then again, I'm biased, as a child I always loved him and his celebration of the liturgy. I was just wondering about what he might be up to after all these years just the other day. Well, he's still living the life, a role model for us all. It was also nice to see a lot of familar names in that article, I will be able to visit the old church in August when I head home for a wedding. I look forward to then.

and for what it's worth...I am never washing my left cheek again! Just goes to show, you have to live life so it won't pass you by and not always play the responsible role all the time. So my little trip on a whim to Austin on Sunday night to see Steve Wariner at Stubb's BBQ was worth the 2 AM bedime and 6:30AM wake up to the alarm. I'll have to travel to Austin again soon.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I must say, things have gotten interesting. I don't have a fancy title for this entry, but just some news. The news out of the Anglican Diocese of Fort Worth is that Father Marshall has become the second priest from that Diocese to swim the Tiber in the last three months. Father Moore being the first back in April. I find it ironic that on my last visit to cowtown and Dallas, I was fortunate to meet both these men of God, actually shared hot dogs and beer with them at the opening day game for the Red Sox at the Ballpark at Arlington. Father Moore had announced his move just days before I met him and here we are just about two months later and Father Marshall announces his move to the Catholic Church. I just find it very interesting (I keep using that word) that I got to meet both these men at a ballgame. Coincidence, maybe. The work of the Holy Ghost...maybe. A little of both..perhaps. Interesting, most definitely.