Thursday, June 01, 2006

I must say, things have gotten interesting. I don't have a fancy title for this entry, but just some news. The news out of the Anglican Diocese of Fort Worth is that Father Marshall has become the second priest from that Diocese to swim the Tiber in the last three months. Father Moore being the first back in April. I find it ironic that on my last visit to cowtown and Dallas, I was fortunate to meet both these men of God, actually shared hot dogs and beer with them at the opening day game for the Red Sox at the Ballpark at Arlington. Father Moore had announced his move just days before I met him and here we are just about two months later and Father Marshall announces his move to the Catholic Church. I just find it very interesting (I keep using that word) that I got to meet both these men at a ballgame. Coincidence, maybe. The work of the Holy Ghost...maybe. A little of both..perhaps. Interesting, most definitely.

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