Sunday, August 13, 2006

Ok, Ok...I've been back from my vacation for a week and haven't posted a thing, deal with it...I've been busy getting back into the swing of things with work and hockey and potentially softball in a few weeks. That's right, the outside possibility of my return to the City of College Station Softball league looms large, fear me pitchers...the hitting machine is getting tuned for the chance of being cranked up again soon. I've been reading a lot trying to finish my summer reading by the end of the looks like I will fall one book shy of my goal, though I may just buy it on CD and listen to it during my travels around town. Another thing that had my full attention this week was the airing of "Band of Brothers" on the History Channel. Yes, I own the DVD but I don't pass it up when it's on either.

So it was a nice vacation, got my old buddy married off without a problem. Spent the night before the wedding in the honeymoon suite watching the Red Sox and Devil Rays game, drinking some cold one's, Coke's. Fun was had by all. If only I knew where they went on their honeymoon. It was kept a secret from everyone. Only the groom knew.

I'm all caught up in work, I had to do some work while on vacation in order to ensure a project getting out to bid. It's a small job, less than $200K, but it is of vital importance to the folks who want it built so if it's at the top of the list for them, it's at the top of the list for me to make sure we can get it bid and awarded before the funding goes the way of the dodo.

Now that I'm caught up there, I can return some of my attention to getting all my paperwork for the P.E. exam completed by the middle of September. My deadline is December, but I want it in so I can start studying for this SOB. For those that don't know, the P.E. exam is the engineering equivalent to the bar exam for lawyers (though I've looked at some state bar exam study guides, and I could probably pass them in my sleep with a little studying).

Well, I am going to make me a drink and head off to read and sleep. I leave you with a picture from my vacation:

Fenway Park, My Home Away From's just right being there.

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