Wednesday, August 23, 2006

On the octave after the Assumption falls the Feast of the Queenship of Mary. Before the reform of the general Latin Calendar the feast was celebrated on May 31. It was moved to more closely follow the Feast of the Assumption.

Now I know a lot of non-Catholic Christians aren't really all that wild of the attention given Mary by Catholics. I admit in some areas it possible that some cultural backgrounds give her to much and border or even reside in heresy, such as reports I have gotten from some to have seen Mary on a cross. Such vile things are heresy and must be condemned as such. That aside, Mary did humbly and perfectly submit to the Lord's will to be the vessel from which Jesus would come into the world. I could go into great detail and give some explanations and Biblical background for Mary's importance in God's plan, but I have a better idea. I reccomend this book for you to read:

From the back cover:

"Offers a theolgically balanced and biblically grounded presentation of traditional and contemporary thought on Marian doctrine and spirituality."

Remember nothing better can be said about a woman than to say that she was a good mother. She who with her fiat allowed God to become man, whom she nursed, clothed, and raised. A woman who was chosen from all women in time and space to be the mother of the Jesus, the simple handmaiden of the Lord.

"Be it done unto me according to thy word."

Does it get any better than that, that it be done unto us according to God's word? No, it doesn't. May we lower ourselves, like Mary, to be handmaidens, so that God may increase.

And as she said at Cana "Listen to Him, do as He tells you."

Give it a read. You'll learn a lot.

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