Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My apologies dear readers for a lack of updates, I currently have many demands on my time and have not been able to break away for some thoughts to share with you, but oh the thoughts that I would like to share with you....perhaps as things settle down I will have time to give them their due here. In the meantime, fret not, I can pull these little gems up from time to time:

Inevitably for a Christian at all reflective about her or his own life there comes the realization that through some pain, some suffering, some agony of my life I know what it means to share the cross of Christ. It might be through something the Lord did not go through like cancer or the loss of family members in an accident. Or it might be through something very much like His suffering: being misunderstood, persecuted, falsely accused, harassed by someone or some group. Psalms which complain of enemies out to destroy the psalmist become painfully comprehensible, no longer references to some remote and unimaginable situation. The first kind of suffering, from disease or catastrophe, leaves us pretty innocent. The other type, more like Christ's, might, on closer analysis, be more like the crucified thief's crucifixion. As he says to the other one crucified with Jesus, "We actually deserve some punishment; this man has done nothing" (Luke 23:41). If we have earned the enmity and opposition of others there might easily be some flaw in us that precipitated it, that, at least partially, accounts for it. The fact that our cross might be somewhat self-induced only adds to the anguish and pain. Villains and good guys are not cleanly distinguished. Identifying with the cross might mean, among many other things, simply accepting more of the ambiguity and messiness of human life. The villain and the hero both live within us.
-- Don Talafous OSB

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