Sunday, September 24, 2006

Where oh where has this week gone. Here it is Sunday again, phew, how time flies when one is having more fun that one should be having. I've got to say, there have been some highlites to the week. I have finished and am now proofreading my PE exam application. I hope to get all my references lined up this week, all my transcrpt requests out to RPI and A&M, and to have accounting get my application fee check settled. Additionally, I hope to convince my boss to allow me to purchase new exam study aides as some of the books we have a few editions older and filled with the notations of various previous employees. I like my own notes in my own chicken scratch and shorthand, well because I understand what I mean. Pray this all goes well this week, once it's all in then the real fun begins...studying for the exam in April.

Sunday night I traveled to Spring to go see a friend of mine and her band play at this place off of I-45. Not a large crowd and they started late, well on time for them, just late according to the time their drummer had passed on to me, only by an hour. After that show, I was talking with my friend and she mentioned that on the road the guys in the band are sometimes asked to sign boobs and she is never asked to sign body parts. Don't mention such things in front of me, because I'll call you on them as I called her. Hence I woke up Monday on 4 hours of sleep with her autograph on my upper, right pectoral region. Saw the same friend down the road in Brenham on Thursday night at the Washington County Fair where she was opening for Jack Ingram. I ended up working "merch" for her show because she hadn't lined anyone up. After her set and before Jack came on she came out and mingled with the crowd and signed CD's and hat's and posed for pictures. I manned the table solo for the first few songs of Jack's set and then packed up as instructed. Then took up the invitation to go hang with my friend and her band backstage. So I did that and we watched Jack's show from the wings sitting on coolers of complimentary beer (ok it was light, piss beer, but it was free, so I lowered my standards and you beer tastes good, even if it's shit beer). Then saw my friend and her band off to Mexico where they were driving to for a show Friday or possibly Saturday. Good times though. Pray she get's a break soon, she's right on the cusp and if she get's a break....look out world!

I spent Monday interviewing possible interns with some of my coworkers. It's an added responsibility to take on, but one that works well for me. I continue to realize what a unique position I am in being the youngest engineer in the office. I am reminded of it by my coworkers regularly. I can relate to the students but can also see where their strengths and weaknesses may be based on course work. Things have changed a bit since some of them were in school. We reached our decisions and hopefully the new interns will be on board in early October.

Friday morning I had to arrange a least minute meeting with an outside agency that impacts some two projects I have in the pipeline. Meeting went well and having kept one ace in the hole for almost a year really paid off for me. I can't talk specifics here, contractual stuff, but we're saving some money that we can try to use elsewhere to really make this little item something special.

And today, I went to Kyle Field and saw the Ags beat the hell outta La.-Tech 45-15. The 6 pm kickoff was delayed for 2 hours because of lightning. I waited it out under the third deck of the zone watching the storm roll through from the north and northwest. I am glad I grabbed my heavy duty, construction rain coat. It allowed the bat guano that was washed down on me to not end up on my head and neck.

I also got to play hockey twice this week. Good times! No goals, but a few assists, which I take more joy in than scoring anyway.

So, yeah. It's been a really good week. Filled with fun and good times both at work and outside work. A complete week I must say, not to mention some stuff I've gotten involved in at Church.
It's been busy, it's been fun, it's been quite frankly a great week, one of the best I've had in a long time. Just so filled with joy and contentment, it's hard to explain, but then I don't know the mind of God, so to Him goes all the thanks. Time to shower and go to bed....with the dawn will start a new week with new events and new challeges and I want to meet them well rested and ready to take them on. Good night all! And I'm not spell checking this...sorry. I'm an engineer, not and english major.

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