Saturday, December 16, 2006

John Paul the Great's Letter To Women

Tonight I was browsing the Vatican website. Particualry, I perused the Papal Archives and found John Paul the Great's Letter to Women. I read through it and could not help but be amazed at a man's insight into women. Quite amazing. I was struck by one part near the end which just hit me as great knowledge and great writing, even in the english translation it reads to me like poetry, which is not surprising seeing as John Paul the Great did enjoy writing poetry. The excerpt reads as follows

Necessary emphasis should be placed on the "genius of women", not only by
considering great and famous women of the past or present, but also those
ordinary women who reveal the gift of their womanhood by placing themselves at
the service of others in their everyday lives. For in giving themselves to
others each day women fulfil their deepest vocation. Perhaps more than men,
women acknowledge the person, because they see persons with their hearts. They
see them independently of various ideological or political systems. They see
others in their greatness and limitations; they try to go out to them and help
them. In this way the basic plan of the Creator takes flesh in the history of
humanity and there is constantly revealed, in the variety of vocations, that
beauty-not merely physical, but above all spiritual-which God bestowed from the
very beginning on all, and in a particular way on women.

The whole letter can be found here:

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