Thursday, January 11, 2007

Welcome to 2007 dear readers. I don't really know where this entry is going to go, I'm almost hesitant to go with it because it's so intensely personal, yet I think I can vague it enough to protect the innocent.

You ever have a dream that seemed to be more than a dream, that seemed to be a glimpse into something greater or something in the future? I have them from time to time. My whole life as far as I can remember I have had dreams that would actually happen a few weeks or months later and it's not until event's occurred down the road that the memory is triggered, it's very much a deja vu type deal. It's happened from everything from being on job sites and events playing out, to school, to sports, to social events. It's very strange. Some are pretty routine and others are very powerful. I had one last year about this time that only ne other person knows about and I'll probably take it to the grave with only a select few folks ever hearing of it.

Then there was last night. It was very Dickensesque and probably one of the most real and vivid dreams I'd ever had. It was absolutely amazing, I don't want to give details in a public forum, bit just trust me on this one. It was a glimpse at something in the future that I didn't ever forsee or think about, but being the outside observer, it sure made a lot of sense, though it was confusing. It was though very strange, very peaceful. It seemed too real to be dream, but a dream it was, but it fits the pattern of some past ones. Maybe this will be another case of deja vu, maybe I just had some bad food before bed. We'll see and I'll hope.


Alan said...

Well, you've got my curiosity quite thoroughly piqued! I hope you'll be willing to explain at least a little the next time I see you in person.

Ed said...

Doubtful...this one I want to keep to myself.