Friday, February 16, 2007

What can I say, I've been busy and I've been dealing with a lot of stuff that's cropped up in my life over the past few weeks. To say things have been all hugs and puppy dogs would be an understatement. However, it has included hugs and a puppy dog.

First off a warm Texas welcome to the newest member of the family, who I won't meet until Christmas, but welcome Cricket. A two year old wire hair fox terrier my Nana and Pa recently adopted from a rescue league.

For those wondering, Valentine's came and went, uneventfully. I did get one, yes one card, from a woman who was not family, so it's an infinite improvement over every other valentine's day. It's not as big a thing as you might think or want to think, but it was nice to be thought of.

I'm alive and kicking and skating. Things are rough in some areas and really great in others. It's life, what can ya do? Other than pray, constantly.

Prayer for Devoted Laity in the Church

- by Rev. Lawrence G. Lovasik, S.V.DO

Lord, our God, You called Your people to be Your Church. As they gather together in Your Name, may they love, honour, and follow Your Son to eternal life in the Kingdom He promised. Let their worship always be sincere, and help them to find Your saving Love in the Church and its Sacraments. Fill with the Spirit of Christ those whom You call to live in the midst of the world and its concern. Help them by their work on earth to build up Your eternal Kingdom. May they be effective witnesses to the Truth of the Gospel and make Your Church a living presence in the midst of the world.Increase the gifts You have given Your Church that Your faithful people may continue to grow in holiness and in imitation of Your Beloved Son.

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