Sunday, March 25, 2007

Let us start of this post with some excellent news: Welcome home Kacy! Who was accepted into full communion with the Catholic Church this morning. I am sure she will have a post of her experience on her blog in the coming days, keep an eye out for it. Congratulations Kacy!

It is always warming to my heart and encouraging to my spirit to read and hear about the faith journey's of folks who come to the Catholic Church. The ways and means the Lord has used to bring them to that point are as varied as the journey's and yet they all share a common thread of God's grace being the means that the journey moves from one step to the next.

It is an interesting parallel in the Catholic faith that the faith journey's are so different-so many and so varied- yet lead to the same place, just as within the Church there are so many different models of spirituality (Marian, Dominican, Franciscan, Thomist, etc) and all are within the Catholic Church.

Please pray for all those on their journey and may they all one day find their way home. Either in this world, or the lfe to come.

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