Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Apologies for the month off dear readers, I've been busy and have lost a few posts to the ravages of my internet connection with is less and less reliable. I have had the poor luck of hitting the post button a few times and then, I'm "Suddenly Dis-Connected".

I've been reading quite a bit. Just finished up reading Ratzinger's "God is Near Us" and just started in Pope Benedict XVI's " Jesus of Nazareth". Both are well written and naturally of the highest scholarship. The latter being a breath of fresh air in reading and learning.

I am also reading "The Reagan Diaries", another good read about the terms of President Ronald Reagan. Even early on, the complicated matters of today are foreshadowed (though hindsight is 20/20, things can be seen in their early stages.)

I'm also enjoying the Red Sox season so far as they are teasing the Sox Nation that they may runaway and hide from the AL East before the All Star Game.

Hockey is also going quite well. Summer season is here and at the end of the month, our rink is hosting the Independence Day Tournament....4 games in under 48 hours capped off with ice cream sundaes. Yummy!

I'm also working into the 3rd season of JAG on DVD. I love that show...well and Catherine Bell, who is now starring in "Army Wives" which I need to find on TV...if anyone can direct me to night and channel and time....I will be forever grateful.

Speaking of yummy, if you are in the Bryan/College Station area next Saturday, June 16th, swing by downtown Bryan for the Steak and Wine Festival capped off with a free concert by the Bellamy Brothers and Bonnie Bishop. Yummy indeed!

Oh and for the record....there are no spotted owls living in the Brazos Valley despite what some folks want you to believe.

Ta Ta for now....I'm back to reading.

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