Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Well, obviously I had no time to blog from the hockey tournament 2 weeks ago, which spared you all the accounts of the ass poundings we took all weekend and the news of my car breaking down,  (it was a bad battery, we're rolling again).   Before I forget....go see Transformers..I've seen it twice already and expect to see it at least one more time...maybe 2.
Well what to blog about....first a shout out across cyberspace to Kacy who is unhurt after an accident on I-35.   Glad to know you are well my friend.
Congratulations to Andy who is off to Wisconsin for seminary, Godspeed my friend, enjoy the snow.
Now...there's the new word on the Tridentine Rite and then there is the document released by the CDF.  The Tridentine Rite is now the extra-ordinary Mass in the Roman Rite and Priests may lead the faithful in this Rite as they see fit (except for Easter I believe if I have read everything right).  The gift of this liturgy, which traces its roots back to the aftermath of the Council of Trent, is welcomed by many faithful.
But many of you may have read about the CDF release of a document summing up the unchanging stance of the Catholic Church on other Christian groups and their communities.
I link to it below for your reading so you can see what it says instead of these shoddy reports in secular media and the slanted reporting of non-Catholic groups who now think they have something new to attack.  Oh and for the's dead on.