Sunday, August 26, 2007

This is the great alternative that we must learn over and over again: to give priority to our own expectations, rejecting Jesus, or to accept Jesus in the truth of his mission and set aside all of our too human expectations.- Pope Benedict XVI

Do you know your New Testament? Or rather, do you know your Greek? Most English speakers don't know the play on words presented to Peter by the resurrected Jesus.

In Greek the word "fileo" means the love of friendship, tender but not total and all encompassing. The word "agapao" means love without reserve, unconditional and total.

The first time Jesus asks first " you love me (agapas-me)?"
Peter resonds "Lord; you know I love you (filo-se).
Second time Jesus asks again with agapas-me.
Again Peter responds with the "Kyrie, filo-se"
The third time Jesus asks: "Fileis-me?"
And Peter responds "Filo-se"

Simon, Peter, now is brought to understand that his poor love is enough for Christ, it is the only love Peter is capable of, though he is grieved Christ speaks to him in this way. Jesus places himself on the level of Peter, we are not seeing Peter on the level of Jesus. It is this conformity by Christ that gives hope to the Apostle and still gives hope to us today. Our love of Christ is not perfect, but it is enough, for it is all we have.

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