Saturday, August 04, 2007

Well, we have I been lately. I've been around and around and around. Just been busy. Celebrated the last birthday of my 20's in very low key style. Though I did splurge for a big birthday gift to myself. It has 4 wheels and is big and silver. It has a towing package....maybe good enough to haul a small piano around. I've been playing hockey, 3 times a week, and with all the ice time have actually noticed a lot of improvement in some of the weaker areas of my game.

I've been reading. Just finished up Boys of Winter about the 1980 Olympic Hockey team. I'm also still working through Jesus of Nazareth and The Reagan Diaries. The former I should wrap up this weekend and highly reccomend to anyone.

I've also been spending my Saturday mornings seeing movies on the cheap, it's nice to save some bucks here and there.

Now, I am going to bed so I can go see a movie in the morning, do laundry, watch NASCAR, and just do some fun stuff tomorrow.

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