Thursday, November 15, 2007

And the top spot if firmly cemented....for the past few years the top concerts I have seen have been a virtual tie between Garth Brooks and U2, let me clarify....arena concerts.   Well tonight Garth cemented the top spot as I was able to join in with many from around the country in seeing his last Kansas City concert at the lcoal theatre.  I was unable to go last night to the live show due to commitments at Church, so I went tonight.

I've still got Garthbumps.   For the novices, those are goosebumps brought on by a Garth concert.
This is the wave of the future in order to reach more fans and I'm happy to have been there in the front row thanks to the magic of cameras and satellites.

And having left with much hope...the guantlet has been thrown down, the clock is counting down:


will said...

Thanks for using my video. Great moment I just had to catch as stupid as I felt with my camera in the theater. Looking forward to 2017 or whenever the next show will be. :)

Ed said...

Thanks for taking the video. I saw the replay broadcast and loved that moment the most.

I saw him n 2007 in Worcester, Massachusetts and would have been at the Central park show had my car not broken down the day before.

10 years....maybe sooner, corners of the internet are saying his daughters might give him the ok to do a few shows a year, probably something like this, pck a city and then stream one show into theaters. It's the wave of the future.