Thursday, November 29, 2007

In Preparation For Advent

If Christ could see Christmas, He'd puke! I believe is the line written so long ago by JD Salinger. In truth, he's not far from the truth in my opinion. Even before Halloween had come and gone I observed Christmas decorations and Santa Claus images in various stores around town. Mail advertisements told me of needing to buy my loved one's iphones and laser guided missles (ok, so I'm stretching that one). Yet here we stand, on the threshold of Advent. The four weeks leading up to Christmas.

Advent, what does it mean?It comes from the Latin adventio -meaning to come to. It is here we prepare to celebrate God coming to the world and taking on human flesh in the divine personage of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ. Four weeks leading up to His coming and four weeks that allow us to prepare to come to Him in our collected memory as the infant born in a manger, most likely a cave amidst the barn animals when there was no room at the inn.
At the same time, we await His coming in glory. Yet given our busy lives that revolve around work, hobbies, schooling, sports, celebrity fallings, gossip, television, radio, music, games, game shows we lose ourselves. Our lives become cogs in something other, not of ourselves. Is there room for Him in our Inn? The Inn of our lives, the Inn of our hearts? Or are we still playing the inn keeper of our preschool Christmas plays, saying "we have no room" and pointing to the manger somewhere in the back of the school basement room. (Yes, I played the innkeeper...I remember it to this day. Also, my brother played the inn keeper 3 years later.)
Let us come to Advent to prepare for His coming. Oh come let us adore him. Adeste Fidelis.

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