Sunday, February 10, 2008

I don't really follow politics that much, though I try to stay aware of just what is going on around the country and around the world.  I don't belong to any political party, but I do tend to lean one way.  I find it difficult to support folks who favor killing the unborn, unfortunately many times the choices don't allow such a clear cut luxury.  However, what about a canidate who supports murdering the unborn and also supports killing the born, if they are born during a state sanctioned murder.  Wake up America, one of the four big Presidential canidates is such a person.  He is a man who in the past has supported measures that hinder the rights of the born human person if they were born during a state sanctioned execution.

Tip of the Biretta to Gerald over at The Cafeteria is Closed.  The story can be read here

Wake up America, the so called "golden boy" is very tarnished and not a man worthy of even being nominated for President, much less being President.

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