Friday, February 22, 2008

Well it finally happened, for the first time since April 2002 I have been ill and had to miss work.  Thursday morning at about 3AM I awoke to a mild fever, aches, chills and a cough that could and probably did wake the dead, given the direct line of sound now existing between my bedroom and a small graveyard.   So I was out yesterday and again today.  I'm at about 80% efficiency right now and I credit that will lot's of sleep, gatorade, water and of course great drugs.   I don't like being ill.  It makes me crankier than normal.  I get into a really foul mood and am really unsufferable to be around.  Luckily, I live alone.

While laying in bed, well medicated, in one of my more lucid moments I got a thought.  It's not such a bad thing to be home sick.  It's a short walk to the toilet to puke and take care of the other things that get taken care of there.  It's a short walk to the kiitchen to reach my gatorade.  It's a reminder that laying bed all day is not what humans are meant for due the pains in my back.   It reminds me that I'm home, alone and can only on focus the moment.  I have to be patient or end up worse off than when things started.  I have to wait on God's timing to recover fully.  In a sense I'm totally dependent on His work in the healing process.   

See I hate being sick.  But I guess I can learn from it and that isn't such a bad thing afterall.


Kacy said...

I hope you feel better soon, but your're right--we can learn holiness through illness.

Ed said...

I got back to work Monday.
Sunday I was able to drag myself to the ice rink and played a Sunday morning hockey game, which did wonders for my disposition. My northern instincts to get into some dry, cold air and sweat it out served me well.