Sunday, March 23, 2008

Blurry Reflections of the Easter Vigil

   So I came through my first eye surgery well.  Now to wait for one eye to heal and to get the other eye operated upon.  Right now I can see clearly out of one eye, but not the other.  My left eye is amazingly clear, you don't know what you are missing until you get it back. My right eye, which is also my dominant eye, is even more fuzzy, or at least more noticeable.  This means reading and typing are kind of strange for now.
   However, I feel compelled to reflect a bit on last night's Easter Vigil, which started at 8:30 PM and ended at 11:55PM.  That was then, this is now.  We enter the Church for the vigil in much the same way the Mary's and the Apsotles entered the tomb.  It was dark and Jesus was not there.  We expect to find Him there in the taberacle when we enter, much as the those coming to the tomb expected to find His body.  Like those coming to the tomb, we find the Body of Christ to not be present.  Unexpected and unnerving in a sense.  Everyday you can enter the Church, but on Good Friday and Holy Saturday, the Church is empty.  Jesus is not there.
In this sense, the Church represents the tomb, we expect the Body to be there when we enter and yet it is not.  What has happened?  Where has it gone?  Like those who came to the tomb, we don't quite get it, we're not used to it, something is out of place.  It is dark, it is empty, and we await the sunrise to learn of the ressurection.  Just like those who went to the tomb.
As Father David mentioned, that was then and this is now.  And like God, it doesn't matter because He is outside time.  So the feelings then and the feeling now are very much the same.  Somehow I know there is a point to it being so.  A continual link to the beginnings of the Church experienced by all then and now.  An experience that will be had by all at the end of the world, something we can all look forward on that joyous day.  This is now, that is then.  When will then be now?  Soon.

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