Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It is an interesting world we live in, we have gadgets and the internet that provide us with headaches, communication and even surprises.  The last few days have been a surpise.  

Facebook, a bane on life, but a great way for keeping in touch with friends dropped a present off the last two days.  A reuniting of the band so to speak.  Two every good friends popped back on the grid, as I am sure I popped back on theirs.  Two of my best friends in high school, who I haven't talked to in years because we lost touch and our lives got busy resurfaced.  Though I have not seen or talked to them in quite awhile I keep them in my prayers, along with other friends who have fallen off the radar, always.   I have much love for these two ladies, and they are ladies in every sense of the word.  The respect I have for them knows no limits.  When you have almost every class with folks for 6 years you learn a lot about friendship and getting through the good and the bad.  I am overjoyed to have beeen given some means of catching up after all this time.

Facebook you may be a bane, but you also bring joy when it is unexpected.  

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