Friday, July 18, 2008

Why So Serious?

  Dark, brooding and fun had by all.  Is it possible to have a hero so dark that it becomes an almost impossibility to find a villain any darker?  And is it possible for a villain to have no motive and still the best motive of all?   Oh it most certainly is and the result is simply delicious.  A film of epic proportions and perhaps the greatest performance by a screen villain of all time.  Better than Vader in the memorable character department and dare I say more crazy and smart than Lechter.
   I am of course talking about The Dark Knight, the new Batman film that opened today in theaters across the USA.  I went and saw a matinee showing after work and am very tempted to go again tomorrow or Sunday.  It was amazing.  Christian Bale turned the dark and brooding Batman into an even darker more brooding character.  We also catch glimpses of why Batman is often called the world's greatest detective, for he works in the gray of morality.  Doing what the powers in charge can not or are unwilling to do.  
   Now, what did I think of Heath Ledger, the last role he completed before his untimely death last January.  I was about 10 or 11 when Jack played the campy Joker... this is not Jack's Joker.  This is the Joker of such a dark and crazy nature, you can't help but love.  He even performs magic, making a pencil disappear with grotesque results.  I like Ledger as an actor, The Patriot, A Knight's Tale, this was his break out role.  If we never see him any more movies (there was some unfinished work left when he died), let this role stand as a monument to his great talents as an actor.  He didn't just play the Joker, he was and will forever be the Joker.  I know everyone seems to be saying the same thing, but yes it is OSCAR worthy.  At least a nomination is in order, though I say he deserves to win one.  He was amazing in the role and took it to a place that even I didn't think possible for an actor.  Anthony Hopkins wishes he could take Lecter to where Ledger went in the role of the Joker.
    I see no way the Joker could be given to another actor, it wouldn't be right.  Johnny Depp may be a choice, but I say retire the Joker to the Narrows and Arkham for ever.  The specter lurking in the shadows always teasing us around the corner, in another film, but just out of reach.  Perhaps the Riddler or the Penguin is next.  Maybe Catwoman.  But you know, if they end the Batman series here, it is fine with me.  I don't think any future films could even come up to the boot soles of the film.
    Go see it... now!  And why so serious?

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